Sunday, October 31, 2010

Talking Zombie Coins for Halloween!!!

Yep thats right!!!! Happy Halloween everybody!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My 1,500 YouTube subscribers silver contest!!!

Hey guys its my 31st birthday so I'm having another silver coin contest as a thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers. To enter all's you have to do is be a subscriber to my youtube channel and leave a comment below. I will draw 2 winners and make a second video to announce the winners on 11/8/10. Thanks for sticking with me, its been a blast. I will be making more metal detecting videos soon, I hope to keep my silver streak going. Happy hunting everybody!!!

Diggin History #71 - Silver Explosion!!! - Metal Detecting

Went out metal detecting with D-Dub & Lookin4seated again on the morning of October 20th, to a spot that they have metal detected and found a lot of great old coins in the past. We were out for 3 hours metal detecting and the oldies just kept coming!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another silver day metal detecting in a hunted out park

Drove down to metal detect with DirtFishDave (219erMan)this weekend, we detected this place a few weeks ago when we got the double trifecta of silver coins. We pounded it hard last time when we pulled 8 silver's from it but we hit it again this time even slower than last time. This time we were swinging our metal detectors like 1 swing every 5 seconds so we wouldn't miss anything. I got all 4 of my silver before Dave got his 1st. No signal was a normal coin signal at regular swing speed, thats why we were crawling along at a snails pace while we detected. Even then the place was so trashy that we were just digging iffy signals left and right. and at the end of our 8ish hour hunt we both had a mountain of garbage. This was my best wheatie day at 17, the wheats are 1914-1958. The old coins were on average of 4 inches and a max of maybe 5 or 6 inches, I found the rosie in a super super super trashy spot at only 2 inches max. The pix below is all of my old coins, be sure to watch the video to see what Dave found. I also found $2.37 in clad. I hope everybody had a chance to get out and metal detect this weekend!!!

Diggin History #70 - Lots of silver in the park ~ metal detecting

Went out metal detecting to an old park with D-Dub and Lookin4seated for a 6hr hunt and we found a lot of old coins including a few silver coins and some jewelry. As usuial I was using our Minelab metal detectors, mine is an SE Pro and they have Etrac's.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diggin History #69 - Double trifecta with DirtFishDave I went down to metal detect with my buddy DirtFishDave for an 8hr hunt and we both found a trifecta of silver dimes. Thanks for the invite buddy, we need to get Lookin4seated and D-Dub togeather and really pound out a site!!!