Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diggin History #87 - Vintage tokens in the woods ~ No metal detector required!

Went out to the woods to poke around in the bottle dump in a specific spot for a few hours, and right as I walked up I seen an old bottle stopper sitting on the surface just waiting to be scooped up. Well I spent 3 to 3.5hrs in the heat battling the mosquitoes and that was all I could take, I had to spray myself every 10-15min with deep woods off just to get a break from those monsters. I knew a few tokens were found the last time we messed around at that spot but I wasn’t really expecting that I would find 3 today, especially in a 4’x4’ area. We are planning to make a screed so we can sift the dirt but just haven’t got around to doing it yet (maybe I’ll make one this weekend and go back and see what we missed). This is what the 3 tokens I found say on them:

*G. & E. Co. Urbana & Champaign – U. & C. RY / U. & C. RY. - Good for one full fare

*Not Redeemable / Not Redeemable

*Advertising Keeney’s Refresh-Mints / Good For 5¢ In Trade

Nuthin better than going out hunting for one thing and coming home happy as can be with something else!!! I found a few more items; they are in the vid if you’re interested.

Diggin History #86 - Great little hunt, im happy ~ Metal detecting finds

Went out metal detecting with DDub & Lookn4seated the other day and I haven't been out in awhile so I was really hoping to find some treasure and I did!!! The silver thingy was in my pouch from a previous hunt so I thought I'd toss it in the video, think its a top of a ring or something.