Friday, April 29, 2011

MEGA silver hunt and some morel mushrooms!!!

4/28/11 Went out metal detecting with DDub & Lookn4seated this morning for a long 6+ hour hunt and we found lots of oldies!!! We started out mushroom hunting for Morels and we found a few tiny grey morels but we decided to swing the coils for a bit. My 1st old coin for the day was another half dollar, this time it was a Walker (my 1st ever) and the back has rainbow toning!!! The 1st pix is of everything we found (I go over each of the silver's dates in the video) my finds are in the pix below the group finds pix.

we found something along the lines of
3 IH's
40 wheaties
15 silvers
& 12 Morel Mushrooms

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diggin History #83 - MORGAN DOLLAR!!!

4/20/11 Went out with DDub today for a 6hr metal detecting hunt today and we ran into BillT, the finds were few and far between but we managed to find some goodies. My best was when I got another nail signal (bouncing from iron to coin) and figured what they heck, let me dig it just to see what it is. I couldn't pinpoint the signal so I did "the minelab wiggle" to guesstimate where the target was. I was flippin dirt out when I seen a LARGE disc laying in front of me and starter yelling as loud as I could for DDub & BillT to come over, just then I thought to myself man this will be funny if I'm wrong and its just a makeup compact! tongue3 I never thought I would find a silver dollar and man am I pumped!!!!!

The really weird thing is this year I have found a 1892 dime, quarter, half, & now a dollar!?!?! Must be my lucky year or something!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Diggin History #82 -My 1st Seated Coin!!!

4/15/11 I went out to the woods metal detecting again for a few hours and this is what I found. This was my weirdest coin spill yet!!!

Diggin History #81 - Low & Slow in a trash pit

4/7/11 Went out for a 4hr metal detecting hunt in a trashy area in the woods and found some oldies, a few relics, and a ton of garbage.