Treasure Hunting Vids

These are some of my favorite's out of all of my vid's, enjoy... If you want to see more here is the link to my YouTube Channel:

Diggin History #63 - BROKE my metal detector on an AWESOME 3hr hunt!!!
Went out metal detecting with D-Dub & Lookin4seated for a 3hr hunt and found some treasure!!! Its been awhile since I had a chance to metal detect and this was exactly what I needed but right twords the end my metal detector broke on me...

Diggin History #61 - Large silver full dig, summertime and the silvers EZ!!!
Out again with Lookin4seated on a very hot and very humid 5 hour hunt. We found lots of silver and lots of wheaties and also a couple of indian head's while metal detecting. Thanks for watching, enjoy.

Diggin History #58 - My 1st 1800's silver & D-Dub's 1st Large Cent!!!
Well on todays metal detecting hunt I finally found my first ever 1800's silver, it only took me 3 years to find one!!! Man I'm glad to get that off of my back, now hopefully I will find a lot more. Also today D-Dub found his very first Large Cent!!! Lookin4seated killed the silver again, awesome hunting guys, I can't wait to go metal detecting with you again.

Diggin History #56 - Silver Half, Gold, & Lots of Silvers!!!
Out metal detecting for 6 hours in the woods by the river, lots of silver and gold found!!!

Diggin History #52 - Perfect semi key date SLQ
Went out metal detecting for 6 hours and found this bad boy!!!

Diggin History #34 - Old silver down by the river
07/25/09 Today I went out metal detecting in a new spot down by the river. I woundup finding my oldest silver yet.

Diggin History #31 - Silver lots of silver - drought is finally over!!!
07/05/09 Went out metal detecting determined to find some silver and boy did I have an awesome day!!!

Diggin History #28 - Barber's Barber's everywhere!!!
05/02/09 Out metal detecting in the woods again lookin for some old coins and relics.

My Very First Silver Coin Metal Detecting!!!
April 08, 2008