Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Diggin History #88 - AwESoME UnEXpeCteD finds while metal detecting

I went out metal detecting and before I knew it I was hunting for 5 different things all in 1 hunt. Metal detecting, bottle hunting, antler shed hunting, arrowhead point hunting, and mushroom hunting.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Down to earth metal detecting

I finally had a 3hr window to go metal detecting after about a month since my last trip out to the woods with AmericanCoinHunter (Dave) I have been wanting to detect this spot for a long while now but didn't know much about it, its just a spot on the river where the bank was low and it looked like an ideal place for people to of lost coins at back in the day.

Research is key but sometimes a spot in the woods is just a spot in the woods that never had a foundation or anything to suggest people once were there but that doesn't mean you should dismiss it and think it wouldn't have any treasure, you never know till you give the site a once over with your metal detector. I made a habit of only posting vids of my successful detector hunts and people got the idea that I just go out in the woods and rake in the silver, well that's not the case by a long shot. It takes days for us to comb thru the woods and a lot of times we come up empty handed. Hope you all have better luck than we did on this hunt. LOL